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With the best intentions in the world, there is still something that will stop you reaching your goal. It blocks you from taking that step forward, and forces you to retreat and stay in that safe house that you’ve placed yourself. Yes, you won’t experience rejection, disappointment, heartache, or embarrassment, but you will never get to experience the positives in life if you let fear control you.

I know this because I’ve allowed fear to manipulate me, well that and Mr. Self-Doubt. There’re so many things I wish I had done differently, taken a risk, jumped off that diving board, and see what happens. Rather than trying it, I allowed fear to paint this bleak picture of the future, “Don’t take risks, they come with consequences.”

But isn’t the consequence better than living your life full of regret? Aren’t the possibilities better than any negative that may befall you?

Even after being on this journey for nearly two years, I’m still consumed by fear. I fear rejection, that I’m a fraud, and the biggest one, I fear failing. It has happened before, and I dread experiencing it again, especially now I want this more than anything else. However, if I allow myself to hide away, I gain nothing but missed opportunities, and I’m left with the what if question.

This journey is a long road. I don’t even know if I’m half way there or only a few steps in, but one thing I do know is that I need to conquer this fear because I have a dream to fight for.

Take that risk, if you don’t you’ll live to regret it. I’ve taken my risk this week, submitted two short stories, now rejection is the most likely, but there’s this chance, and that chance is what makes all this worthwhile.

Keep writing, folks!

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