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The Unexpected Trade by Nicole J. Simms

‘The Unexpected Trade’ is a 454-word flash fiction. I wrote this story for one of my Oldbury Writing Group assignments. For the assignment, we had to write a story where money no longer had any value.

I had planned to include this story in the next Oldbury Writing Group anthology (I will still include the story because I have the rights to do so), but I couldn’t resist the urge to submit it when I saw the submission call for the 2018 FlashFlood Journal. The FlashFlood for those who don’t know is a day where flash fictions are published on the website throughout the day. This year there were 148 stories, and I was happy my story was one of them, especially as I haven’t had an acceptance for the FlashFlood since I submitted the story ‘Not So Fake After All’ in 2015.

Story Blurb

The world has been ravaged by a zombie apocalypse, but even though the world has gone to hell, Travis is tired of the survivor look. After hearing that a hairdresser is still offering her services, Travis risks his life to visit her shop in hopes of a haircut and whatever else she has to offer.

You can find ‘The Unexpected Trade’ on the FlashFlood Journal.

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